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Introductory Dive


With the Introductory Dive you will try scuba to see if you like it.You have never dived before but you would like to give it a go.

Scuba Diving is a sport enjoyed by many, many people all over the world as it is a relaxing, amazing, action-packed experience, but also very safe.

The introductory dive is for people who have never experienced Scuba Diving before. The purpose of the dive is not to teach you how to dive but to give you the taste of how great Scuba Diving can be.

You will not gain a diving certification but you will get to know and feel what Scuba Diving is all about! However, in order to do an “Introductory Dive” you still need to be able to perform a few basic skills and go over a few major points.

So, how does it work?

It is a very simple and safe process but very enjoyable. You will begin with a briefing from your professional and experienced PADI Instructor. Afterwards you will do some skills in the water followed by a short shallow dive in a very safe environment surrounded by fish and magnificent Red Sea corals.

The dive will be to a maximum depth of 6 meters.

The Instructor will be by your side the whole time and will even hold your hand if you feel the need

All you need to do is to be at least 10 yrs and medically fit to dive

To get a recognized qualification you will need to complete a Learn to Dive Course.

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