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Daily Dive

When we created our diving program, we tried to cover all your different needs, to ensure that you have the most comfortable and most exciting experience with White WhaleDivers™.

  • Everyone takes their own box of equipment, places it outside the dry room and a member of our staff will transport it to the boat, by car.
  • At 09.00 am we depart.  The duration to get to the dive site is between 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on where we take you.  This can only be announced on the day as it is dependant on the wind and the experience of the divers.
  • On arriving at the dive site, the first dive will take place. For guests who are diving with us or in the Red Sea for the first time, this will be a Check-Dive.
  • Lunch will be served  after the first dive and a break of 1- 2 hours, giving enough time to relax and sunbathe.
  • We will move to a different site for the second dive.
  • Around 4.00pm we will return back to the harbour.
  • After returning to the Dive Center, if you wish, you can add your name to the booking list for the next day.

Food and drink on board


Lunch includes a meat or fish dish, rice, pasta or potatoes and a fresh salad. There is also water, soft drinks, tea and coffee available throughout the day.



Ours and Your safety comes first and foremost. All Diving Instructors and Dive masters are trained in First-Aid.
The dive boat has a radio, first-aid box, life vests and oxygen.
In order to prevent diving accidents, it is imperative, that you follow the instructions of our Diving Instructor and the safety instructions of our Diving Center

What you need to bring


Your diving certificate(s) to confirm and verifying your abilities for the programmes you are planning to use (i.e. Nitrox, Tec if necessary)

Your logbook

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